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Cross-Chain DeFi Ecosystem
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ActaFi Swap

ActaFi Swap offers world's first cross-chain liquidity aggregator with active liquidity pools. On each swap, the available token bridges automatically analyze the deep liquidity of an asset to provide the best results for the traders.

Innovative DeFi Ecosystem

The ActaFi Ecosystem brings a complete DeFi suite that incentivises user-base growth and motivates the user activity, offering both DeFi products and features in a single ecosystem. Every interaction within the ActaFi Ecosystem is executed on-chain, by smart contracts.

ActaFi Ecosystem

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Stake your ACTA tokens

Start earning rewards by staking your ACTA tokens and get up to 15% APR. Compound your rewards to earn a higher reward.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)


Est. Monthly Earnings

118.75 ACTA

Estimated Earnings

1425.00 ACTA

ACTA Token Utilities

    Referral Program

    50 ACTA Tokens are required to start your referral program. There are 3 levels that give commissions with a 10% kickback.

    DAO Program

    Stake the required ACTA Tokens to claim your DAO title. Upgrade your title to get higher, and more, passive earnings from platform fees.


    Stake ACTA Tokens to be eligible to invest in projects that fundraise on the ActaFi Launchpad.


    Peer-to-peer lending that feeds margin requests on ActaFi Swap. Lending interest can be paid in ACTA Tokens.

    Smart Contract Interaction

    The ACTA Token will be used as gas fee when migrating to the Avalanche P-Chain.

What is the ActaFi Ecosystem?

Get to know the power of DeFi products and passive earning features in the ActaFi Ecosystem

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