Acta Finance is built by a team of contractors that wrote out, and built, multiple DeFi ecosystems before they began the Acta Finance journey. Each ecosystem made proved innovation to DeFi, but with Acta Finance the team introduces the most innovate passive earning financial playground of the industry.

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Lightning-Fast ActaFi Subnet

Avalanche has the best financial dApp infrastructure in the industry and allows projects to setup a subnetwork. The ActaFi Subnet will be used exclusively for the ActaFi Ecosystem to guarantee a swift execution of transactions and interactions.


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35+M $

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Our story

Acta Finance is a global FinTech company led by a diverse team of visionaries, tech-savvy enthusiasts, researchers, mathematicians driven by results and the mission to set the stage for innovative and transparent passive earning opportunities. Acta Finance believes in transparency and social win-win situations.

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Partner network

A summary of partners, backers, influencers, Advisors that support the Acta Finance Ecosystem.