NodeJs / Solidity Software Engineer

Team:Solidity Development Team
Contract type:Full Time / Part Time

In this role, you will

Be responsible for developing the Acta Finance DeFi ecosystem. This includes developing financial transactions with AMM protocol, trading operations with lending and margin trading contracts, investment contracts for the ActaFi Launchpad. As a Senior Software Engineer (Solidity), you will join the development team, implementing the smart contract functionality on Solidity programming language.

About you

  • Develop solutions that are scalable, robust and fault tolerant
  • Minimum 3 year of experience in Solidity mainnet deployments
  • Proficient in Ethereum tools such as Truffle, Web3, Hardhat or similar
  • Have experience participating in Open Source projects
  • Have a hands-on knowledge of Test-Driven-Development that includes unit and integration testing
  • Possess strong technical writing skills describing the inner workings and product guides
  • Support colleagues by answering technical questions both internally and externally

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop efficient solutions that minimise the operations for users with an optimised smart contracts execution
  • Develop functional code that is tested and well documented
  • Participate in the team's meetings following the Scrum methodology

About Acta Finance

Acta Finance brings innovation to the DeFi industry by bringing multiple CeFi features for the first time on-chain.
Our goal is to offer a fair, transparent, and safe environment where every transaction runs in a decentralized way by utilizing smart contracts at a high-frequency.

More detailed information can be found in the whitepaper


In order to apply, send your CV to [email protected]. Please, keep in mind that only applications in English language will be considered.