ActaFi Staking

Stake your ACTA Tokens without lock-up and earn up to 15% APR. Enable the compound function to automatically re-stake your rewards.

Claim your DAO title by staking the required amount of ACTA Tokens.

Launch App

Stake ACTA Tokens

Connect your wallet and enter the amount you would like to stake. Approve the staking smart contract, followed by confirming your deposit and start earning ACTA Tokens.

Estimate your staking rewards

Claim Rewards

Users see their stake generate accrued rewards, allocated to their wallet address. The accrued rewards can be claimed or compounded, without a protocol fee.

Estimate your staking rewards

Claim Your DAO Title

Stake the minimum required amount of ACTA Tokens and claim your DAO title in order to receive more rewards generated within the ActaFi Ecosystem.


Staking FAQ

Stake ACTA Tokens on-chain, audited by Hacken, and earn up to 15% APR (Annual Percentage Reward). Rewards get allocated every few seconds and can be followed on the website. Staking ACTA Tokens does not have a lockup, allowing the users to withdraw at any time they prefer.
1. Connect your wallet
2. Enter the amount of ACTA Tokens you would like to stake
3. Approve the smart contract
4. Deposit the ACTA Token amount to the smart contract
Acta Finance is the first DeFi ecosystem that introduces a Referral Program to a DeFi ecosystem, to motivate user activity and platform user-base growth. The small deposit and withdrawal fee get redistributed to the affiliates and the DAO program.