Add Stake

Connect your wallet, enter the amount you would like to Stake and press Add Stake. The specified amount of ACTA tokens will be deducted from your wallet.

Stake ACTA

Earn Passive Income

Once your stake is added to the pool you will see your rewards accumulate instantly. You can use the rewards calculator below, to estimate what rewards you will get depending on the Staking amount and the duration staked.

Stake ACTA

Claim Rewards

You will see the rewards statistics for your staked amount as well as reaching a specific DAO title. You can claim all of the accrued rewards to your wallet when you press the “Claim” button.

Stake ACTA

Claim Your DAO Title

Stake the minimum required amount of ACTA tokens and claim your DAO title in order to receive more rewards generated within the ActaFi Ecosystem.

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