ActaFi Swap

ActaFi Swap is a cross-chain liquidity aggregator with an AMM protocol that utilizes active liquidity with concentrated spread and taps into deep liquidity of an asset.

ActaFi Swap offer the most optimal conditions for traders and liquidity providers.

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Cross-Chain Liquidity Aggregator

ActaFi Swap is a cross-chain liquidity aggregator that scans decentralized exchanges' liquidity pools to find the best prices for the traders. The AMM protocol routes automatically through liquidity pools to provide the most beneficial outcome.

Concentrated Liquidity Pools

The ActaFi Swap AMM protocol utilizes active liquidity in the concentrated liquidity pools, allowing the Liquidity Providers to provide liquidity in a customized price spread that optimizes their yield farming.

Pay Network Fees in ACTA

When the ActaFi Ecosystem migrates to the Avalanche P-Chain, the ACTA Token will be used to pay the gas fee on each Smart Contract interaction. ActaFi Swap is the first AMM protocol in the world of DeFi that allows its native token for the gas utility.

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ActaFi Swap FAQ

ActaFi Swap cross-chain liquidity aggregator accumulates the liquidity of an asset that is issued on multiple networks to provide the most beneficial price possible. The AMM protocol automatically calculates and routes the liquidity utilizing tokenbridges on behalf of the traders.
Avalanche is fast, cheap, and allows a subnetwork to be customized on the P-chain of their network. This allows the ActaFi Ecosystem to operate on ACTA Tokens as gas fee, which opens a world of opportunities.
Smart Contracts are the Achilles heel for DeFi. Therefore, ActaFi Swap and all other smart contracts within the ActaFi Ecosystem are audited by our partner (Hacken) and gets polished to achieve the highest score for functionality and security before releasing to public.