Optimized yield for liquidity providers

The ActaFi Swap AMM protocol utilizes active liquidity in the liquidity pools, allowing the Liquidity Providers to provide liquidity in a concentrated value spread and optimize their Yield farming returns substantially.

Aggregated Liquidity

ActaFi Swap is a liquidity aggregator that scans decentralized exchanges& liquidity pools to find the best prices for traders, both buyers and sellers. The AMM protocol routes automatically through the liquidity pools of an asset within a network (i.e. ActaFi Swap, 1inch, TraderJoe, Pangolin...).

Pay network fees in ACTA

The ActaFi Ecosystem is set up with a customized sub-network on the Avalanche P-Chain. Any smart contract interaction within the ActaFi Ecosystem will consume ACTA Tokens instead of AVAX to pay for the gas fee.

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