ACTA Accumulation Sprint Competitions

ActaFam, it’s time to buckle up again for the next competition. The ACTA Accumulation Competition is coming back improved and more competitive. The first competition gave the team enough data to analyze and make adjustments to the competition to ensure a fair process for the participants.

ACTA Accumulation Competition v1 - Recap

Twenty-one days ago, the first ACTA Accumulation Competition came to an end. The Price of the ACTA Token rose from 0.082$ to 0.136$, which is a good result. The price action of the ACTA Token during the competition gave presale investors the opportunity to lay off presale tokens to the competitors, balancing both camps out perfectly.

The volume remained low overall during the competition as multiple competitors had the strategy to snipe, which is not against the rules, in the final hour. However, in the new competition series, we are putting a minimum volume requirement on the winners.

There were 112 participants who accumulated 800,413 points in total. The winning wallet addresses have been added to the ActaFi Vesting portal, which now can be found under the wallet dropdown menu when a wallet is connected.

Upcoming ACTA Accumulation Sprint Series

The team has their eyes on hosting an ACTA Staking competition with the release of the ActaFi Launchpad on mainnet. As mentioned in the latest ActaFi Insider, we do not expect the ActaFi Launchpad to be released on testnet before 15th September.

To keep the momentum going, we will initiate an ACTA accumulation Sprint Competition and give traders a chance to accumulate the ACTA Tokens prior to launching the staking competition. There will be four sprints, one-week duration each sprint, with rewards this time in wNFT (wrapped NFTs).

wNFT at 35% APR
wNFT at 35% APR

wNFTs are an award-winning technology that allows locked tokens to be liquid. Instead of vesting through the vesting portal, we offer the winners of the Accumulation Sprint series wNFTs that can be traded.

Competition Details

Sprint 1
Start: Wed, 16th August, 9 am UTC
End: Wed, 23rd August, 8.59 am UTC
Winners: Top 25
Min ACTA Token Volume: 500$
Total Rewards: 2050$ ACTA

Sprint 2
Start: Wed, 23rd August, 9 am UTC
End: Wed, 30th August, 8.59 am UTC
Winners: Top 25
Min ACTA Token Volume: 500$
Total Rewards: 2050$ ACTA

Sprint 3
Start: Wed,30th August, 9 am UTC
End: Wed, 6th August, 8.59 am UTC
Winners: Top 25
Min ACTA Token Volume: 500$
Total Rewards: 2050$ ACTA

Sprint 4
Start: Wed, 6th August, 9 am UTC
End: Wed, 13th August, 8.59 am UTC
Top winners: 25
Min Volume required: 500$
Total Rewards: 2050$ ACTA

All (eligible) winners will get their wNFT airdropped to their wallet, not later than 3 days after each sprint ends. Every winner gets reviewed to have each token actually being an accumulation instead of a wash trade. To guide people to the ongoing sprint competitions, we will initiate trade & volume quests in the current Zealy 5 sprint.


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