In the rapidly evolving blockchain industry, it's essential to forge strategic partnerships that enhance product offerings and user experience. Keeping this in mind, Acta Finance—the first Cross-Chain Interoperable DeFi Ecosystem powered by Avalanche — is thrilled to announce its collaboration with 0x, a premier liquidity aggregator and facilitator of Web3 markets.

This partnership marks a significant step in Acta Finance's journey, following a series of successful milestones such as its Token Generation Event (TGE) and launch of its Vesting Portal, the release of its award-winning wNFTs, innovative Referral Program, Address Milestones, Staking, Farming, and DAO Program.

0x's APIs
0x's APIs

The collaboration between Acta Finance and 0x aims to enhance the functionality of ActaFi Swap. 0x is well-regarded for its ability to connect developers to Web3 markets, enables faster trading, better prices, and superior UX in apps, making it the perfect fit for Acta Finance. The security and audit features of 0x, along with its enterprise-grade DEX infrastructure, will provide ActaFi Swap users with a reliable and secure environment for their financial transactions.

This partnership with 0x also opens up the opportunity for developers working with Acta Finance to enable crypto trading via simple API integration. This integration unlocks thousands of pairs with unrivaled liquidity from over 100 exchanges and professional market makers, reinforcing Acta Finance's commitment to empowering users to maximize their investment potential. The partnership with 0x not only enhances Acta Finance’s product offering but also aligns with its vision to make finance more accessible and user-friendly.

ActaFi Swap, in partnership with 0x, targets to bring the best possible price for your asset, whether that’s buying or selling a user wants to do on Avalanche blockchain, ActaFi Swap will be the place to be!

More information about ActaFi Swap’s liquidity aggregation can be found here.

About Acta Finance 

Acta Finance is the first Cross-Chain Interoperable DeFi Ecosystem powered by Avalanche: 

About 0x is a leading liquidity aggregator, powering fintech companies, self-custody wallets, and Web3 native organizations with millions of users worldwide. It provides APIs and solutions that remove complexity and reduce the infrastructure overhead of building in Web3. For more information, visit: