ActaFi DAO: Updates and Roadmap

Earlier this year, the investors had a public voting in the ActaFi Telegram channels with as topic to go-to-market. Results were as followed: 

  • Community voting in May: 80+% voted to NOT get listed in the current market
  • B2B / KOLs / Influencers (cap-table): actaf95+% voted to NOT get listed in the current market

The result supported the team’s decision to proceed to build the ActaFi Swap Liquidity Aggregator, Farming, Analytics pages, and the DAO program, prior to going to market. 

Go-To-Market Voting

The ActaFi DAO is the ecosystem’s on-chain voting platform. At the release of the DAO on ActaFi Testnet, the SAFT holders will be the first ones to experience a new DAO title: “Governor”.

Governors will vote for operational decision-making, starting with the Go-To-Market of the ACTA Token. The success rate is TBD, by the ActaFi team, in order to execute the vote's outcome. At the time of writing, there are 171 SAFT holders. 

The reason why we allow that voting on testnet:

1. The ActaFi DAO program on testnet does not consume assets, other than testnet AVAX for the gas, which can be acquired directly through the ActaFI Testnet. The SAFT holders will get whitelisted as initial Governors to vote for the ACTA Token to go-to-market.

2. Testnet is on-chain, making the voting fully transparent.

Introducing: The Governor DAO Title

Apart from the DAO staking roles introduced by the whitepaper, the ActaFi DAO program introduces a 4th title named: Governor. Governors will get the exclusive authority to vote on operational decisions for the ActaFi Ecosystem..

The 3 original DAO Titles as mentioned in the ActaFi whitepaper w/o The Governor title. 
The 3 original DAO Titles as mentioned in the ActaFi whitepaper w/o The Governor title. 

New DAO Title: Governor

  • Required amount: 350,000 ACTA
  • Earn: 1x Governor ticket = 4x Ambassador ticket
  • Lockup: 1 year
  • Authority to vote on: Operational decision making, Acta Launchpad, Farming Pools, Smart Contract Audit

Over time, the DAO Governors will replace the CEO’s single decision making and control the treasury. This means that our current CEO Christof Waton can focus on his core strengths business development and industry strategist.

Quote from the CEO: 

"I am just an individual, and individuals have an opinion/vision. A single person’s decision and the opinion of 100% of the people. I'm not afraid of the authority of being a single decision-maker, but It's only fair in DeFi, and having a DAO program, to give operational decision-making to the people. With a trustworthy cap table, I am certain the decision-making for go-to-market is in good hands."

When can we expect the DAO?

The ActaFi DAO smart contract is ready for review and further testing. The Staking smart contract fee distributions require polishing to follow the DAO reward system.

We expect to start the Staking audit and DAO audit, provided by our partner, in 2 weeks from now. The agenda for resolving the outcome of the audit is unknown until the audit is performed.

The ActaFi DAO program, with governor title, in the queue for an audit.
The ActaFi DAO program, with governor title, in the queue for an audit.

The DAO decides the go-to market of the ACTA Token. There is no turning back from that point, so delivering the DAO to the testnet is in the queue by priority for MVP at Launch.

The frontend developers are finalizing by end of the week the Analytics pages’ charts and integrating the Technical Analysis (TA) charts, TradingView licensed, on ActaFi Swap v2 - Liquidity Aggregator. The priority is as follows:

  • Farming Frontend 2-3 weeks est.
  • Resolve Backlog tasks 2-4 weeks est
  • DAO frontend 3-4weeks est

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About Acta Finance

Acta Finance is a two times award-winning (Malta 2021, Toronto 2022) cross-chain DeFi platform governed by smart contracts that innovates the DeFi industry with the ActaFi Ecosystem. Acta Finance introduces a Referral Program, Address Milestone Rewards, and a DAO Program to support platform growth and user activity-based rewards.

By offering derivatives in a decentralized way, through ActaFi Swap,  Acta Finance aims to counter the manipulated liquidation events on centralized entities by using a decentralized price feed and a cross-chain liquidity aggregation.