ActaFi Ecosystem News - 07.11.2023

The ActaFi Ecosystem launched the minimum viable products (MVP) over the last two months on the Avalanche Mainnet and went to market with the ACTA Token on any decentralized exchanges (DEXs) that have a partnership with 0x Liquidity Aggregator API. What are the next steps for the ActaFi Ecosystem and what can the ActaFam expect? Let’s dive in.

Short-Term Roadmap

Dev Backlog

The developers have worked overtime in the past two months, incl weekends, to bring the ActaFi MVP products to market within the deadline. 

The team agreed to take turns for holidays / taking back overworked time, so not a whole department is gone at the same time. Holidays for the developers (in turn) are over on 12th July, meanwhile, we resolve bugs/backlog issues.

Starting on July, 13th the team prioritizes the development tickets and prepares the product upgrades.

WalletConnect Now Available

The integration of WalletConnect has been completed. An important step in our goal is to upgrade the accessibility to the ActaFi Ecosystem. WalletConnect is a known connector between wallets and dApps/ecosystems.

WalletConnect now available within the ActaFi Ecosystem.
WalletConnect now available within the ActaFi Ecosystem.

Educate community & ACTA token holders to USE the ActaFi ecosystem 

The products are live but the team notices a low engagement with the ActaFi products and will spend more time educating/highlighting the benefits of the products. When new users come to the ActaFi Ecosystem, it's important to have the tutorials in place and have a community that already understands the products, and how they work.

Talking about highlighting the benefits of the products, ActaFi Swap gives a better return than its competitors as shown by last week's tweet.

The First ActaFi DAO Vote Is Coming

Now that the ActaFi Ecosystem is live on the Avalanche main net, the DAO Program will have a first ecosystem governance vote on July, 22nd that will last till 31st July. The DAO title holders will be able to vote for a change in ActaFi ecosystem fee redistribution. 

Currently, the fee redistribution is partly to the incentives pool (contract). The incentives contract is used to pay out staking rewards, farming rewards, Referral commissions, and Address Milestones. Even without fee redistribution to the incentives contract, the team estimates the duration of high-ROI incentives, such as Farming (1691% APR at time of writing), to last for 3 years minimum.

To counter any inflation by incentives, the ActaFi DAO title holders will be able to vote and change the ACTA Token mechanic to become deflationary, burning any redistribution that would go back to the incentives pool. The team will prepare a brief for the voting, to make sure the total picture is clear.

Idle ACTA Presale Investors

Acta Finance capped (and refunded) retail presale investors from the cap table to make space for service providers and content creators. The team is very disappointed that some of the presale investors are lacking to follow up on their word to create content. Without naming anyone the team has started communication directly with those presale investors that are not delivering the pledged services and come to terms with them.

The DAO Titleholders will vote on the consequences for such presale investors that fail to deliver their pledged services. This vote will happen before the end of the presale cliff!

ActaFi Launchpad

There are some business developments ongoing at P2P Solutions Ltd. that allows the ActaFi team to push the development of the ActaFi Launchpad forward, with (up to 3) projects in the pipeline, backed by an upcoming L1 Blockchain, to fundraise on ActaFi Launchpad. The founder & CEO of Acta Finance is considered an advisor and in return demands an investment ticket for ActaFi Launchpad. 

“Benefit from a scaling business instead of direct personal gains. Spending time for other projects, sharing my knowledge, network, and experience, with return the chance to bring another ACTA Token utility will benefit everyone, which is more important than taking a consultancy fee.” -  Christof Waton, Acta Finance CEO

The ActaFi Launchpad designs are finalized and ready for development. To participate in IDO sales on ActaFi Launchpad, users need to stake a minimum amount of ACTA tokens, or hold an ActaFi DAO title, in order to get a startup investment Tier on ActaFi Launchpad.

More information about ActaFi Launchpad

That’s it for now. The team is looking forward to bringing you business development, and development, updates in our next newsletter!