ActaFi Ecosystem news - 11th August 2023

Summer, every year the time for people to take holidays and reset. Something that Acta Finance, unfortunately, can’t go around either. While we are heading toward the end of summer, the Acta Finance team members are getting back to work. Meanwhile, the company has not been idle. Let’s dive through the releases of the past month, and whats coming

ActaFi Ecosystem Development

ActaFi Vesting Portal v2

The vesting portal has received an update that is more user, and manage, friendly. The new vesting portal can have multiple different vesting schedules allocated to the same wallet address. This avoids the requirement of providing new wallet addresses for whitelisting of a new vesting schedule.

From now on, the team can immediately whitelist the addresses of the competitions and campaigns!

The vesting portal is not available in the header anymore but can now be found in the wallet dropdown menu, after you connected your wallet.
The vesting portal is not available in the header anymore but can now be found in the wallet dropdown menu, after you connected your wallet.

ActaFi Launchpad - In development

The ActaFi Launchpad timeline is very tough to predict with holidays and the summer period. Decisions have been made to not switch development tasks over to an available developer, but wait for the appointed dev(s) to come back from holiday.

The deadline for ActaFi Launchpad testnet release is set for 15th September.

ActaFi Swap - Tokenlist Update

ActaFi Swap will be the crown jewel of the Acta Finance ecosystem once completely built. To make trading on ActaFi Swap easier, we are working on upgrading the tokenlist to show the connected wallet’s assets, amount, and $ value. The frontend development has been completed but there is an API issue that needs to be resolved before we can push this update live. 

API issue: After a user swaps, it takes 2 blocks of 3 seconds each, so 6 seconds total, to update the asset. However, there is a 60-second cache delay, which makes the tokenlist asset update way too slow for the quality ActaFi Swap wants to bring. Therefore the team is researching other API providers to have a smooth tokenlist update.

ActaFi Swap - Limit Orders

ActaFi Swap will close the gap between CEXs and DEXs. Limit orders are an important feature for ActaFi Swap that brings us another step closer. Limit orders mean you determine at which price you want to buy/sell an asset, and how long would you like to give an asset the chance to reach that price, which automatically will trigger your trade! Currently, we are testing the functionality of the liquidity aggregation API with the limit order feature. Once the team has completed testing successfully, the update will be pushed to ActaFi Testnet for public testing. Stay tuned for this feature!

ActaFi DAO Program - 1st Vote completed

The ActaFi DAO title holders have successfully concluded the first ActaFi Ecosystem vote: Make ACTA Deflationary.  All information regarding the vote can be found on the link provided.

The ACTA total token supply got reduced by 10,000,000 ACTA, and from now the ACTA Token fees that would be redistributed to the incentives pool will be burned quarterly. The first burn is expected on 1st September.

ACTA Accumulation Competition winners

The first ACTA Accumulation competition was a success with over 100 people competing for the rewards. Just like every competition we have had so far we will analyse and improve the conditions before the start of the next competition.

ACTA Accumulation winner sheet

ActaFi Ecosystem Growth

Zealy Sprint 4 winners

Zealy sprint 4 was ongoing while we had the Accumulation competition. At all times winners are reviewed to be eligible to receive rewards and cheaters obviously do not get rewarded. The people that were caught get disqualified for any ongoing campaign but will be able to compete again in the next campaign.

Zealy 4 winner tweet

Zealy Sprint 5

The Zealy Sprint 5 campaign started August 7th and will last until September 17th.

The rewards are adjusted for this sprint to the top 20, where the top 10 will earn 30$ ACTA value and the 11th - 20th place will be getting 20$ ACTA value.

Like any other sprint, we will put ecosystem quests in the sprint to introduce the participants to the products of the ActaFi Ecosystem and the (potentially) competitions.

Zealy 5 announcement tweet

ActaFi Ecosystem Userbase Growth

A question that arises from investors and DAO members is ‘How will ActaFi Ecosystem scale its userbase?’ A very important question with an answer many wouldn’t expect. Performing marketing in a market like this is basically throwing funds out of the window without any return. The only good marketing trail would be PR as that's good for the brand establishment, which makes it good in the next bullrun to have an established brand and is an easy gate for new people in crypto.

The main focus for the ActaFi userbase growth will be in cooperation with P2P Solutions FZCO, owner of all the technology used within the ActaFi ecosystem. P2P Solutions FZCO has the opportunity to take the b2b approach with new and upcoming networks, to deploy DeFi products on those networks.

Where P2P Solutions FZCO can offer DeFi product deployments, Acta Finance can offer network integrations and offer the new (or upcoming) network a testnet userbase for their network, allowing new users to get familiar with the ActaFi Ecosystem and the networks it already integrated.

That's it for this month's ActaFi Insider. Now you know what direction we are progressing and where we run into just a few hurdles in our road to be a complete DeFi ecosystem.



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