ActaFi Ecosystem News - 30th November 2023

ActaFi Insider - Special Analysis edition

The ActaFi Ecosystem is now live for 6 months, the perfect occasion for the team to perform an analysis of the ecosystem and expose the imperfections, how to resolve them, and make improvements to the ecosystem to keep living up to the investor’s expectations.

More Decentralization

The ActaFi Ecosystem is upgrading subgraphs from the hosted service to The Graph Network. By doing so, Acta Finance joins the ranks of Curve, Lido Finance, Uma... and many more.

The ActaFi Ecosystem uses subgraphs on multiple occasions such as trading competition, DAO, and other products or features to pull data from our smart contracts to the frontend, providing the data to both users and ecosystem backend analytics.

Telegram & Zealy

It was stated many times in the past and now it’s time for action. ActaFi community is not growing through Zealy and it always brings along negativity. It is a very tiring process of reviewing all the quests, kicking out bots, etc. The focus moves to userbase and scale it by development. Therefore, this Zealy competition will be the last, for a while.

Due to having a non-active community, there is no requirement to have so many social channels open. It cost time and energy to keep an eye out on all. Therefore, Telegram community chat will be locked going in effect by the end of the year. Other socials remain unaffected and the team looks forward to engage with the community by Telegram Announcements, Twitter, and Discord where the community chat is most active.

Let us focus on developments that bring in partners to scale our user-base in the first place. The community will scale automatically from growing the user-base.

DAO Vote

As many of you will remember, the ACTA Token presale changed when KOLs, VCs, and Influencers were about to enter the captable and demanded changes to our investor list. Their request to refund the retail investors in return for pledged services such as cross-marketing, content creation, podcasts, Moonsheet, AMAs, and YouTube,… To not upset the retail, the decision was made to cap the retail investors and refund the overcap, worth 2.2m USD. 

To address the selling pressure of the ACTA Token, the team made an analysis of the investors’ pledged services and deliverables, made a mastersheet of investors with services, and let the DAO Title holders select which ones are requested to take action against.

The DAO Governors voted which action it would be, with a unanimous result: Freeze vesting, which has been executed. Pledged services are to be discussed between both SAFT signers before the unfreezing of their investment list. Acta Finance can agree with the counterparty downscaling their pledged services, but not delivering without any communication is something that has to be resolved. The vote briefing and the result can be found here.

The team understands the list freezing of the KOLs'/VCs'/Influencers' list infects mainly their investor community, but expects this issue to be resolved in the best of interest of every investor or ACTA Token holder.

ActaFi Launchpad

  1. Testnet project run analysis
    The first testnet run of the ActaFi Launchpad gave a lot of data to analyze. The team would like to thank all the participants for their credible feedback and participation. This helps us to improve the launchpad product to be more user-friendly.

    After analysis, the team is removing the ‘apply for allocation’ step and will take a snapshot of the staking balance to determine a user’s investment tier level. Users that lower their investment tier between snapshot and investment round will be notified to increase their tier level back to snapshot tier to be eligible to invest in the startup.

    The team is making the change now to the smart contract and will test this concept in the upcoming ActaFi Launchpad testnet run.

  2. Interest from networks to receive a fork or integrate their network
    The ActaFi Launchpad going to testnet did not go unnoticed. The team enjoys the interest of multiple networks requesting their network to be integrated to the ActaFi Ecosystem, however not many networks want to cooperate in the business development aspect of entering their ecosystem. The team will keep the community apprised of any network that gets approved by the ActaFi DAO, which can only be brought once a complete scope is confirmed.

  3. MoU Signed for ActaFi Launchpad
    An MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) has been signed between two parties and contains each parties intention. ActaFi Team would custom develop, integrate, and manage wNFT technology in return for a small IDO ticket to raise funds on the ActaFi Launchpad and equity on wNFT profits.

    The ActaFi Ecosystem lacks revenue and if the team manages to convert the MoU to a legal agreement it would be a huge boost for the ActaFi Ecosystem.

ACTA December Competition
To celebrate December, the last month of the year, a fresh ACTA Accumulation Competition. The team analyzed the previous competitions for improvements, which applied to December's ACTA Accumulation Competition.

Duration: 4x1 week

Start: 01st December 00:01 UTC

End: 29th December 00:00 UTC

Total Rewards: 7000$ ACTA wNFTs for top 20

Reward Distributions  within 48h after each weekly comp

- Minimum comp volume of 500$
- No inter-wallet sending of assets for washtrading

Visit the Competitions page to see the scoreboard:


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