ActaFi Launchpad Testnet Release

ActaFi Ecosystem - Testnet update

The bear market is not stopping the Acta Finance team to develop the promised products and features according to the whitepaper. The summer is ending and the last holidays are being taken as we enter into Q4 of 2023. Before we let some core team members have a holiday, we have one more ActaFi Ecosystem testnet update to bring, the ActaFi Launchpad.

ActaFi IDO Launchpad

The latest addition to the ActaFi Ecosystem on Avalanche Testnet is the ActaFi IDO Launchpad. IDO (Initial Decentralised Offering) Launchpads have been a warm welcomed product, making the hosted pre-sale rounds decentralized and transparent, which counter IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings) where the fundraise is hosted off-chain on a centralized exchange. Acta Finance continues to deploy the ActaFi Ecosystem in a complete decentralized and transparent way, with the ActaFi Launchpad launching on Avalanche Testnet today.

Developing a Launchpad In The Bear Market

The ActaFi Launchpad is not considered as the company’s main revenue generator but merely the 3rd DeFi product to add to the ActaFi Ecosystem. P2P Solutions is preparing to offer the ActaFi Ecosystem to upcoming L1 / L2 EVM compatible networks that have a potential airdrop. 

When you look at the upcoming networks, they need DeFi products to get the required mass-usage data. While other projects knock on the door with a single (forked) product, P2P Solutions knocks on the door with an entire DeFi Ecosystem, giving us more chance to officially partner up with, and integrate, the network’s testnet and support their aidrop.

Taking that course of action, we are looking forward to scale the userbase and ignite the ACTA Token economy.

Building a launchpad in the bear market to have multiple DeFi products to offer in the ActaFi Ecosystem, adding an additional utillity to the ACTA Token, and an additional DeFi product to offer to upcoming networks.
Building a launchpad in the bear market to have multiple DeFi products to offer in the ActaFi Ecosystem, adding an additional utillity to the ACTA Token, and an additional DeFi product to offer to upcoming networks.

How Is ActaFi IDO Launchpad Different From Others?

There are multiple ways to build a launchpad and even tho many launchpads are just a copy-paste code of eachother, the ActaFi Launchpad has not been looking at any other launchpad code as the ActaFi Launchpad is part of the ActaFi DeFi Ecosystem, like no other project was ever brave enough to build an entire DeFi ecosystem. Startups launching a fundraise round on the ActaFi Launchpad can count on other ActaFi Ecosystem products, such as;

  • ActaFi Swap for immediate listing
  • Staking
  • Farming
  • wNFT, wrapping the vesting contracts in NFTs

As part of the ActaFi DeFi Ecosystem, the ActaFi Launchpad is directly connected with the ACTA Staking contract and ActaFi DAO Program for investment tiers, startup fundraise voting, and a reward (2.5% of the raised funds) redistribution. The ActaFi Launchpad will go through multiple testing scenarios and on-chain tests to acquire the data required to polish the product before submission to a security audit.

The ActaFi Launchpad smart contract is a single smart contract that contains the fundraise, vesting, refund, and release of funds to the startup.

ActaFi Launchpad Roadmap

15/09:  Release ActaFi Launchpad Testnet
15/09 - 25/09: Apply For Allocation
25/09 - 30/09: Tier holders Investment Round
01/10 - 02/10: First Come First Serve Investment Round
02/10- 07/10: Test ActaFi Launchpad Vesting portal

ActaFi Launchpad Launch Steps.
ActaFi Launchpad Launch Steps.

With that acquired user feedback data we will be able to polish the launchpad before submitting the product for an audit. While developing the ActaFi Launchpad we continued with the already audited structure of the ActaFi Ecosystem on mainnet, reducing the risk of a heavy audit result. Nonetheless, as mentioned before, tapping into multiple existing products of the ActaFi Ecosystem, it is crucial to have a secure product before launching on Avalanche mainnet.

Upcoming ActaFi Launchpad Zealy Quests

Important is to get as much testnet user feedback as possible. Coming Zealy sprint will have quests that will help us get the data we require from our testnet.

  • Perform the KYC
    Can be your real KYC or just some random picture with random data for testnet.
  • Stake ACTA and get an investment Tier (1-2)
    To get the correct minimum amount of testnet tokens we will need to manually send them to the requested address.
  • Claim a DAO title to increase investment Tier (3-4-5)
    Again, a request to get enough tokens to make this upgrade possible
  • Apply for allocation
    Applying for an allocation with an investment tier allows us to calculate the Basic Allocation Multiplier.

Those will be the first wave of quests, on a later stage we can add additional quests that follow the remaining launchpad process.

Th-Th-Th-Th-Thats All Folks!
Th-Th-Th-Th-Thats All Folks!